JetOffsets feels that it is important to offer clients a variety of offset projects and in some cases the option to choose the projects that provide the best environmental impact with respect to your goals. We provide five different offset project types; Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Hydro, Sequestration, and Methane capture. These projects come from all parts of the world and are fully verified by a third party for true additionality.

By choosing any of these categories you can then pick from currently available projects that we have sourced worldwide. Some of the projects will be Gold Standard projects verified through the Kyoto Protocol and others will be verified carbon standard (VCS) through the Voluntary Market. Rest assured all of our projects offer high quality offsets that when purchased and retired provide positive effects for our environment.

Many types of activities can generate carbon offsets. Renewable energy such as the wind farms or installations of solar, small hydro, geothermal generators or biomass energy projects can all create carbon offsets by displacing fossil fuels. Other types of offsets available for sale on the market include those resulting from energy efficiency projects, methane capture from landfills or livestock waste, destruction of potent greenhouse gases such as halocarbons, and carbon sequestration projects (such as reforestation) that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.