JetOffsets, Inc. contracts with a third party to ensure our offsets are fully verified through industry accepted procedures. All offsets purchased through Jet Offsets will receive our verification seal that may be used by our clients to emphasize their carbon neutral status. The seal states our clients meet or exceed any compliance formula in the pursuit to reduce CO2 emissions.

Additionally, we will add a seal of compliance to aircraft that can provide details for offsets purchased through other offset providers. While we will not be able to fully verify these other offsets, we do feel that it is necessary to support everyone that has made an effort to improve the environment through carbon offsets.

Verification is often undertaken during a due diligence process in a buy/sell transaction. It provides independent assurance that actual or expected emission reductions have been/will be achieved from an emission reduction project during a specified period. The level of assurance provided will depend on the procedures undertaken by the independent verifier, the scope of which is usually agreed by the transacting parties and may include: assurance as to compliance with Kyoto/national regime requirements (however this will only be possible when such requirements are clearly defined), adequacy of measuring and monitoring systems for emission reduction credits, reviewing the operations of the underlying emission reductions project, etc.

Purchasing offsets from these projects will assure that they are sold only once to a single buyer and the amount of offset will be retired and permanently removed from the reserve. A certificate is provided verifying the offsets and the ability to track them in the future.

We utilize recognized independent auditors to confirm all offsets are purchased and retired. When the audits are completed a copy will be posted on our website to ensure accuracy and accountability.